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Serving Marietta as an exemplary divorce and family law firm, Henrickson & Sereebutra has continuously provided the people of Georgia with outstanding legal representation. Many clients have walked away with pleasant results in their favor after seeking out qualified assistance from our legal team. With over 40 years in the field of law, and experience as former prosecutors, our attorneys are highly skilled at what they do. Entrusting your case into their capable hands may be one of the most beneficial choices you make when pursuing a divorce or other family matter.

Offering a free case evaluation it is our desire to make legal help as accessible and cost-effective as possible especially during hard economic times. Allow yourself to move towards a brighter future with the assistance of one of our accomplished Marietta divorce attorneys. Contact our office to learn more about what we can do and check back here soon for client testimonials!

"Marc was the perfect lawyer for my case. He always answered my phone calls when I had a question or just when I needed somebody to talk to. He always responded to my text very quickly I’ve had a couple different lawyers and I wouldn’t recommend any of them but Marc. He was always nice and very professional in all of our meetings and was always truthful with me and my family."

"Marc was always good to me stuck by his world and returned my phone calls. Helped me get custody of my kids and would def you him again without a doubt!"

"I hired Marc without having an experience dealing with lawyers, as a first time offender. Marc was professional and understanding. He didn't sugar coat anything, he got down to the facts and helped me take matters into my own hands. I was able to complete needed requirements even before the judge asked. Marc has continued to answer questions even months after the closing. I highly recommend."

"Marc is a very capable, knowledgeable and competent lawyer. Just as importantly, he is kind, understanding, and empathetic. He communicates well and is prepared for court appearances. My situation is unlike any other, and Marc has embraced it and given 110%. In the end, I trust that he will do his absolute best to represent me and my family, and that he really does care what happens in our lives. That is priceless."

"Mark is very thorough and his attention to detail has been key in helping with my case. His knowledge as well as work ethic has impressed me throughout the process of my case. I would definitely recommend him."

"Fought for my rights and improved my situation greatly would recommend him to anyone."

"I hired Mr. Robinson to help me with some tickets I received while driving. He had some great advice and was always willing to answer any questions or concerns I had very quickly. He understands the court system and was always focused on me and my needs. I could not of asked for more."

"This fellow was professional and efficient, and also was very quick to get in touch with me and return my calls. He made everything cut and dried, and he was not wishy washy at all. I would definitely hire him again."

"Mark was a great lawyer in every way possible. he always was there to answer my questions or return my phone calls to help Me as soon as he could. Mark is a very smart lawyer with get valuable information. He is fair and always gives you honest advise. i would recommend him to everyone that were to ever have any issue regarding a custody scenario or if you just want a genuine good lawyer with good morals and integrity ( which is hard to find nowadays) Marc is a good man and takes care of people the way they should be treated especially in the time of panic. Thanks Marc."

"Marc had the unfortunate task of cleaning up another attorney's mess for me. He went above and beyond the necessary. By far the best experience I've had with a lawyer. If I need the services of another lawyer, I will definitely go back and highly recommend to others."


Their attorneys will go the extra mile in order to achieve your goals!

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