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Oprah Winfrey's Dad's Divorce Heats Up After Admission of Infidelity


After being married since 2000, Oprah Winfrey's Dad, Vernon Winfrey and his wife filed for divorce last summer. Divorce documents showed Vernon cited "inappropriate marital conduct" as cause for the divorce. In new divorce papers filed a few weeks ago, Vernon acknowledged that he had an extra-marital affair while still married to his wife Barbara. He also conceded that he may have waved a handgun around while he was chasing her during an argument they had "five or six months ago".

The primary contentions in the divorce, however, lie with spousal support and the $1.5 million dollar home Vernon's daughter, Oprah, bought for her father. Vernon's wife alleges that his claim of being overdrawn on his checking account, and making just $282 a month as a barber, is only part of the true story. Barbara states that Vernon also receives $25,000 every three months from a trust fund set up by Oprah. Based on that information, Barbara is seeking spousal support and the right to continue living in the couple's mansion home.

It should also be noted that after Vernon's barbershop went into foreclosure, Oprah stepped in and bought the business. So neither the barbershop, the mansion, or the alleged trust fund Vernon receives payment from every three months are owed by Vernon himself. They are all owned by his daughter.

Now, spousal support is not automatically awarded in Marietta divorce cases. When one spouse submits a request to receive spousal support, the judge must take many factors into consideration such as the requesting spouse's need for support, the ability of the other spouse to pay that support, and whether or not either spouse will be left with an extreme financial burden. Other factors including infidelity, the length of the marriage, age of the two parties, and what contributions each spouse made to the marriage are also considered.

If you are facing divorce, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an experienced Marietta divorce lawyer at the firm as soon as possible. While the goal of the judge is to rule as fairly as possible, it is in your best interest to work closely with a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of divorce laws, and can provide you with the aggressive representation you deserve. The firm will be able to review your case, evaluate the best course of action to pursue, and advise you on the actions needed to help protect your interests.

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